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30 October 2010 @ 09:24 pm
- I've been sick with the flu for the past few weeks. Ugh. It was so bad this week that I had to stay home from class for Film and English. But I'm getting better now.

- Monday starts NANOWRIMO! And yes, I am competing again. If anyone else is participating, here is my profile if you would to add me as a buddy: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/519114

I have info on my which novel I'm working on this year at my profile too. It's the same novel I worked on last year because I would really like to finish it this year. *fingers crossed* This will be a real challenge this year since I have school to contend with but I'm hoping for the best.

- I'm going to be registering for Spring semester soon. I'm very excited! Next semester, (if I pass the State test for Beginner's Algebra) I'll be taking Intermediate Algebra, Basic Stagecraft and Intro to Film Processing. :D

- After not remembering to visit aynrand.org in a long time, I finally went to see when I can write an essay for "Atlas Shrugged." I missed the deadline this year, but I intend to submit an essay next year. And! They have a college summer internship at the Ayn Rand Institute in California! I'd like to do it summer of 2011 if I save enough money for a plane ticket and living expenses. It would be very exciting to intern there! :)

- Well, that's it. I'm going to go back to planning my novel and do the homework I missed last week.
I planned on posting this last weekend but then I got sick and I forgot to post it. But anyway, here it is!

We went to Spooky Empire again this year. This was our second year it was a blast! My mom didn't come this year because there wasn't anything she was interested in but there was a ton of stuff for me and my sister to do.

We met Allan Hyde, "Godric" from "True Blood" which was awesome because he was one of my favorite characters! He is really sweet. He signed my True Blood bottle and took a picture with me. :D

I met one of my favorite pin-up artists, Scott Blair and one of his models Erin. They were really nice and signed the print I bought from them. I bought this one:

We were able to talk a little bit about his work and how I was getting into drawing pin-ups as well. I told him that I collect pin-up coffee books and he told me about his book that's coming out around next year, so I'll definitely have to buy that when it's released! I took a picture with them too. hehe

I also bought a $10 reproduction print of Tyler Stout's "Inglourious Basterds" poster. Tyler wasn't there though. They usually have regular vendors who sell high-glossy photos/prints of artists and movie posters. I figured I'd buy it because the originals were only limited to 450 and they're a bazillion dollars on Ebay. lol

I saw John Carpenter (I was surprised when the news broke that they had to rush him to the hospital on Saturday because I saw him on Sunday and he looked fine). I went to the Q&A sessions with Danny Trejo, otherwise known as "Machete" and he has a great, lively personality. I wish I had enough money to get his autograph but hopefully he'll be back next year, perhaps during their "Mayhem" convention. I also went to the Q&A sessions with the cast of "Nightmare On Elm Street" including Robert Englund and that was fantastic! I was in the second row from the stage! :D

I saw my friend Kelly from film class and we talked for a bit with her friend. And I met a new friend named Michelle during one of the writing workshops. We exchanged e-mails to stay in touch. :)

I went in costume this year - on Saturday I went as Sarah Connor and quite a few people recognized me and thought my Terminator skull bag was pretty cool. When we stood in the general admission line waiting for the doors to open, the guy behind me looked at my costume and said to his friends, "Cool! She's a Connor!" But one of his friends didn't hear him, so when he looked at my bag and said, "What the hell is that?" His friend said to him, "Dude, she's a Connor!" lol

I ended up not going in my Irene Adler costume the second day because, to put it simply, I was too tired. lol But next year I plan on entering the costume contest, going as Silk Spectre because I think my Silk Spectre costume is pretty awesome! lol But I'll be able to wear my Irene Adler costume in two weeks for when we go to our traditional Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween party at Magic Kingdom. And I think I might wear it to school the Friday before Halloween since Halloween is the day after. hehe

As for this week, I've been sick with swollen glands and a sore throat. Fun. I also have two bumps on the roof my mouth I have to keep an eye on because I just noticed those a few days before I got sick and if they don't go away in a month, I'm going to have to find some sort of way to get to the dentist/orthodontist to find out what they are. Even more fun.

I'm getting my Christmas ornaments designs ready to paint to sell on Bonanza and hope to make a bit of money for the holidays. I have two $8 articles to finish today for Break Studios and a ton of math homework with Exponents to finish too. Ugh. I think it's funny how I hate math so much but I almost have an "A" in that class. lol Next week I have my second film essay due on Friday and mine will be on the camera movement in "Singin' In The Rain" (1952). I can't wait until we get to the Acting and Art Direction essays because I'm going to have a lot of fun writing those - not that I'm not having a lot of fun already.

I think that's about it for now.
03 October 2010 @ 10:15 pm
- While I anxiously await the scores for my second chapter test I took in Math on friday and waiting to take my first film quiz tomorrow on Mis-En-Scene, I'd like to say one thing:


On Saturday we were able to buy great seats for her concert on April 15th! And do you know what day it's on? It's on my 23rd birthday! :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I cannot wait! :D Best birthday present ever!

And of course, when you're invited to a Monster Ball you have to dress up. hehe I'm going to dress up like the outfit she wears in my icon ^^. I'm going to modify it a bit so it's a bit more steampunk of course, but I cannot freaking wait! :D
26 September 2010 @ 01:22 pm
- Not a lot to update on besides school stuff. I got my first film essay I wrote about the lighting and photography of Fernando Meirelles' "Blindness" and it was a 100% A+! :D I'm very happy about that because I had to ask special permission from my professor to see if he would let me write about it. I didn't really like his list because it didn't feel challenging enough for me. And that was the perfect film because there is so much that goes into the photography and lighting for that film, that my essay ended up not sounding as redundant as a lot of other students said their essays were. But he has good picks for essays for when we have to write about movement and art direction. Choosing a film for Movement will be hard because he has "The French Connection" and "Singin' In The Rain" on the list. For Art Direction he has "Dark City" as one of the choices, so I can't wait to write that one. lol :D But for when it comes to writing the acting essay, I think I might choose my own again and I think I'm either going to choose between Carole Lombard's performances in either "To Be Or Not To Be" / "My Man Godfrey" or Gerard Butler's "The Phantom of the Opera." I can here the laughter already that pertains to the latter. :P We have our first quiz for Chapter 2 of "Mis-En-Scene" coming up. I think it'll easy to pass because it's an open book, open note quiz in which he gives us the first five minutes of a film to give us the story background and then he pauses a frame of the picture for us to analyze according to "Mis-En-Scene," I'm actually looking forward to it! :D

- I also have the highest grade I've ever had in Math - 86.5 B+! I've never had a B+ in Math! Of course, my goal is get a higher grade but that's not a bad start for completing the homework, the "take home" quiz (100% A+) and the first Chapter test which I got a 80/100 B-. :D (And that was the chapter test I thought I failed. lol) Math is probably the most brutal of all the classes I'm taking this semester because we have a chapter test every two weeks, with a "take home" quiz for every chapter and we have a State Exam at the end of the semester where we have to get an 80% (B) on the exam in order to pass to move to Intermediate Algebra. Ugh. I hate math. lol And on top of all that, we have to pass with a 70% (C) in order to pass the class altogether. Ugh.

- This week, my first English essay is due. It's a descriptive essay where we have to describe a unique person that we know in 500 - 750 words. I was worried my essay wasn't going to fit the bill when we did peer review last Thursday, but the only comment my peer reviewer had to say was to fix the small grammar problems I had. That's not bad at all. lol

- This past Wednesday, my sister and I went to the Shakespeare Theater downtown for the first time to see "The 39 Steps." It was fantastic! We were able to get in on the Student Rush ticket price, so it was only $10! The best $10 I ever spent! The actors were unbelievably talented and it was only a cast of four who moved the set around and were able to do all kinds of accents and physical comedy. Stage actors can really put certain film actors to shame. We have to go to at least two live performances for my sister's grade in Theater (She's a Theater major and wants to be a costumer for film/theater), so we're planning on going there a lot. They'll be playing "The Turn of the Screw" next, just in time for Halloween. That's one of my favorite short stories, so I'm interested to see how they would translate it to stage. I hope to see it, preferably the week of Halloween, but we'll have to see with classes and everything. Next year, around Valentine's Day, they'll be doing "Pride and Prejudice" which I would love to see as well. And they're doing a cross-dressing event of Shakespeare's plays and they'll feature "Julius Caesar" with an all-female cast. That would be interesting!

- And! The first book for my illustrations to be featured in is for sale! :) It's a diary for 2011 where a lot of collaborating artists were able to complete one design for every day of the year. I was able to get my 23rd birthday and design that page (April 15th). Here's the link if anybody's interested in purchasing it. I don't receive any of the royalties or profit, but it's still very cool! I purchased mine yesterday. :) They have a lot of great artists in the book, so I'm very proud to be a part of it. I hope I can participate next year as well.

To Diary 2011 Project

- While I was waiting for film class to start, I wrote the first couple of pages to a new story I'm working on. It's Steampunk Lesbian. lol That's all I'll say so far.

- And Katy Perry was so cute on SNL last night. XD The skits were pretty terrible but the one where they made fun of her cleavage was funny and I taped both of her performances to disc. XD She's my guilty pleasure right now. hehe I also thought that, although The Mosque in NYC, is a serious issue, the skit SNL did last night on it was pretty funny because it showed how some extremists think right now.

- Well, I'm going to go back to finishing my Math homework and English essay. :)
21 August 2010 @ 05:04 pm
I know I haven't been on here in at least two weeks, but there's a weekly update on what has been going on with me.

Well I didn't reach my 10th sale by my first anniversary on Etsy like I wanted to, but I have at least eight right now. hehe Maybe I can make two more by the end of the year! hehe

I successfully sold my first package of 100 pocket mirrors to an artist, "The Meat Chronicles", to use at their next art venue! :) I'm hoping to sell more to other artists who need them.

If there are any artists/photographers following me right now, I sell packages of promo accessories for you to promote your art:

Bonanzle Booth: Swell Dame Inc.

I also sell them at my Etsy shop as well: Swell Dame Inc

I'm offering FREE SHIPPING within USA as well.

And I'm considering doing something different with my Etsy shop. I might leave what I have in there for sale until they either sell or expire at the end of their four months and then once the shop is empty, I'll have Swell Dame Inc for art supplies, buttons, mirrors, keychains and pocket mirrors of my retro/digital art. And then open another Etsy shop for my woodwork since my woodwork has taken on a life of its own and needs to be put in a shop that has a brand name for it. And since Etsy shops are free , I might as well.

This week I went to the college campuses and bought my books. They were having a 20% discount on all used and new books. My sister and I saved $100 each and we're lucky that our financial aid was able to pay for it since it was really inexpensive to attend part-time. And I'm in love with my film course book! I've started reading it and it is better than I thought it would be. Any book is a book for me when they mention "The Phantom of the Opera" (2004) among other films. lol

This coming Tuesday I'm taking my driver's test for my license. *fingers crossed* I honestly don't think there would be any reason why I won't pass either the written or the actual test, so we'll see.
31 July 2010 @ 03:24 pm
July Goals
Read four books
Write another chapter for Asher
Submit one piece for publication
Take CPT test

My goals for July were relatively short, but I didn't accomplish all of them like I wanted to.

I started reading "Pillars of the Earth" a few weeks before the mini-series premiered on Starz. So far, I've watched the second episode and I still have some problems with it. Maybe if they hadn't spent so much money and resources on Sparatcus, they could have made "Pillars of the Earth" a good regular series. hehe The mini-series is too condensed and I feel that unless you've read the book, it seems a little empty in caring about the characters. It's a shame because eveyone and everything looks exactly as I pictured when reading the book. I didn't even have time to finish Elizabeth Peter's "The Curse of the Pharaohs."

However, I did finish the second book of Gail Carringer's Alexia Tarabotti series, "Changeless." I went through "Soulless" and "Changeless" like water in less than a month and a half. lol The series is very addicting and the third book isn't released until September! Argh. I think part of my reason for reading through so fast was because of the character Lord Maccon - he's an Alfa Male werewolf and is very sexy....I know, I'm so weird and as Jamie would say, a dork. lol (And I know there's this whole vampyre trend going on right now, where they are "so hot," but just for the record, as a supernatural fan, I think werewolves are better - see Alcide in "True Blood" and you'll see what I mean. hehe)

I started writing another chapter to Asher but my attentions have been carried elsewhere this month with preparing for school in under two months. And I didn't submit anything to be published because I've been too busy to sit down and write anything.

On the other hand, I was featured on another blog for my pyrographic work! And hopefully in the month of August, I'll be featured in a feature swap with someone else's shop. And in September, I'd like to do a giveaway, so I have to start preparing on what I want to for that.

Here's the link to my feature interview: http://samyinwonderland.blogspot.com/2010/07/swell-dame-inc-interview.html

I took my CPT test and didn't do as bad as I thought I would. I still have to take a prepatory class for math before I can get into the college-legel math but I suspected that since I have discalcula. It's a shame I can't enjoy math as much as I want to. *shrugs* I'm in college-level English though! Big surprise. hehe If I had to calculate it on a grade scale, it was a B+. But my sister would have gotten an A++ because she had an extraordinarily higher score than me. lol And I don't have to take a reading class either. Big surprise. hehe

Hopefully, next month my writing will turn out better than it has.
22 May 2010 @ 01:26 pm
- I submitted two more articles to Break Studios.

- I also added another item to my Etsy shop! A "shelf sitter" inspired by Charlie Chaplin's song "Smile." I still can't get the hang of my photos to look better on Etsy though - I think that could be why I'm not selling anything. :( http://www.etsy.com/listing/47604814/smile-inspiration-shelf-sitter

- However, my sister opened her Etsy shop is and is already a hit there!

- I didn't get the hostess job at Cracker Barrell. But Universal Studios is looking for people to be costumed characters and they're holding open call auditions next Wednesday. My sister and I are thinking about going to it to see if we can get accepted. They say the trick is to dress like the character you would like to be, so I'm going to dress in a red top and gray pants. I hope that represents enough to make them see I could be Betty Boop. hehe But seriously, anyone they would give me I would accept. lol

They have a rigorous physical test which I'm nervous about. I think can do the 200 yards in three minutes with a weighted vest. And I have four days to up my 29 push-ups to 36 for my age group/gender. I also have to work on the squat they want people to do against the wall - you have to hold it for a minute. I can hold it for half a minute. I can hold the three pound weight in each hand for a minute too, so I'll be able to do that. So, I'll be working my butt off for the next four days to make sure I get the job. lol

I also have to get my resume together - I hope that the small community theater stuff I did back in PA, will help out. lol
07 May 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Despite being down with strep throat, I had a pretty good week!

I went in for a second interview with Cracker Barrel. I told them that I was still very interested in the hostess position and they said they would call me in a couple of days. *fingers crossed* I think I would have so much fun as a hostess. XD hehe

- I published two articles on Associated Content.com if anybody would like to read them.

Here is my movie review of "Cracks": http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2970466/cracks_a_film_review.html?cat=38

And here is my list of top three books I would like to see turned into films with my reasons as to who should be cast and who should direct. (The list includes: "Atlas Shrugged," "Screwball: A Biography of Carole Lombard and "The Birds" (but it wouldn't be a remake. It would take on more of the original story than Hitchock's film did.):

- Another article was also accepted by Break Studios! :D My goal is double my payment of $16 by the end of this month. :D I'm surprised they accepted this article outright because I didn't think I had answered the topic directly, but I guess I did. lol

- And I went to Michaels on Thursday for a faux-leather necklace strap. Fortunately they had one left (Michaels is the hardest craft store to be in - they never have anything I need. lol) While I was looking over the beads for my art nouveau necklace I'm constructing, a girl about my age was asking a Michaels employee about making necklaces and how she was a beginner. Surprisingly, though not really surprising, the Michaels employee had no idea how to help her. She saw me and asked what she should do and I helped her out by showing the simple pamphlets they sell which have 15 projects in them. The pamphlets include the list of tools and supplies you need to make the jewelry and they're great for beginners. I think I helped her out a lot. (PS - I think I could work at Michaels if they were hiring. :P) I get such delight from helping people out. XD lol

Also! By the end of this month, I'll be enrolled in Valencia's Fall term! :D
24 March 2010 @ 01:37 pm
What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

Best Movie: "Sherlock Holmes"
Best Song: "Never Forget You" - The Noisettes
Best Book: Coriolanus by William Shakespeare (I can't wait to see the film adaptation - I hope it's good!)
15 March 2010 @ 11:23 pm
In addition to selling my own crafts on my Bonanzle Booth, I felt that I needed to give back to the people I support by offering this special customizing service to help promote their art in a unique way.

I'm selling sets of either 100 pinback buttons, 100 magnets, 100 compact mirrors or 100 keychains which artists can buy. They send me the images they want to appear on the item they've ordered and I ship it to them. There's no special set-up fee. Just purchase the set, contact me with your images, I'll make and ship the items to you!

However, due to overwhelming response to this offer from other artists, I'd like the sets to be purchased 14 days in advance to when they are needed, so they can arrive on time.

Due to high shipping costs to foreign countries, for the time being, I am only offering this service to United States artists only.

For more info, please check out my bonanzle booth:


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