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26 September 2010 @ 01:22 pm
Busy, Busy, Busy  
- Not a lot to update on besides school stuff. I got my first film essay I wrote about the lighting and photography of Fernando Meirelles' "Blindness" and it was a 100% A+! :D I'm very happy about that because I had to ask special permission from my professor to see if he would let me write about it. I didn't really like his list because it didn't feel challenging enough for me. And that was the perfect film because there is so much that goes into the photography and lighting for that film, that my essay ended up not sounding as redundant as a lot of other students said their essays were. But he has good picks for essays for when we have to write about movement and art direction. Choosing a film for Movement will be hard because he has "The French Connection" and "Singin' In The Rain" on the list. For Art Direction he has "Dark City" as one of the choices, so I can't wait to write that one. lol :D But for when it comes to writing the acting essay, I think I might choose my own again and I think I'm either going to choose between Carole Lombard's performances in either "To Be Or Not To Be" / "My Man Godfrey" or Gerard Butler's "The Phantom of the Opera." I can here the laughter already that pertains to the latter. :P We have our first quiz for Chapter 2 of "Mis-En-Scene" coming up. I think it'll easy to pass because it's an open book, open note quiz in which he gives us the first five minutes of a film to give us the story background and then he pauses a frame of the picture for us to analyze according to "Mis-En-Scene," I'm actually looking forward to it! :D

- I also have the highest grade I've ever had in Math - 86.5 B+! I've never had a B+ in Math! Of course, my goal is get a higher grade but that's not a bad start for completing the homework, the "take home" quiz (100% A+) and the first Chapter test which I got a 80/100 B-. :D (And that was the chapter test I thought I failed. lol) Math is probably the most brutal of all the classes I'm taking this semester because we have a chapter test every two weeks, with a "take home" quiz for every chapter and we have a State Exam at the end of the semester where we have to get an 80% (B) on the exam in order to pass to move to Intermediate Algebra. Ugh. I hate math. lol And on top of all that, we have to pass with a 70% (C) in order to pass the class altogether. Ugh.

- This week, my first English essay is due. It's a descriptive essay where we have to describe a unique person that we know in 500 - 750 words. I was worried my essay wasn't going to fit the bill when we did peer review last Thursday, but the only comment my peer reviewer had to say was to fix the small grammar problems I had. That's not bad at all. lol

- This past Wednesday, my sister and I went to the Shakespeare Theater downtown for the first time to see "The 39 Steps." It was fantastic! We were able to get in on the Student Rush ticket price, so it was only $10! The best $10 I ever spent! The actors were unbelievably talented and it was only a cast of four who moved the set around and were able to do all kinds of accents and physical comedy. Stage actors can really put certain film actors to shame. We have to go to at least two live performances for my sister's grade in Theater (She's a Theater major and wants to be a costumer for film/theater), so we're planning on going there a lot. They'll be playing "The Turn of the Screw" next, just in time for Halloween. That's one of my favorite short stories, so I'm interested to see how they would translate it to stage. I hope to see it, preferably the week of Halloween, but we'll have to see with classes and everything. Next year, around Valentine's Day, they'll be doing "Pride and Prejudice" which I would love to see as well. And they're doing a cross-dressing event of Shakespeare's plays and they'll feature "Julius Caesar" with an all-female cast. That would be interesting!

- And! The first book for my illustrations to be featured in is for sale! :) It's a diary for 2011 where a lot of collaborating artists were able to complete one design for every day of the year. I was able to get my 23rd birthday and design that page (April 15th). Here's the link if anybody's interested in purchasing it. I don't receive any of the royalties or profit, but it's still very cool! I purchased mine yesterday. :) They have a lot of great artists in the book, so I'm very proud to be a part of it. I hope I can participate next year as well.

To Diary 2011 Project

- While I was waiting for film class to start, I wrote the first couple of pages to a new story I'm working on. It's Steampunk Lesbian. lol That's all I'll say so far.

- And Katy Perry was so cute on SNL last night. XD The skits were pretty terrible but the one where they made fun of her cleavage was funny and I taped both of her performances to disc. XD She's my guilty pleasure right now. hehe I also thought that, although The Mosque in NYC, is a serious issue, the skit SNL did last night on it was pretty funny because it showed how some extremists think right now.

- Well, I'm going to go back to finishing my Math homework and English essay. :)
gonnabelovely on September 27th, 2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
- what film class are you taking?! that sounds pretty awesome & not like the usual film classes they offer at my university (or the one i'm planning on attending, for that matter).

- cheers on the math grade :) math has always been horrible for me as well, & i'm going to end up taking it my last semester, i swear.

- peer reviews are lame. they will always only point out grammar errors because nobody wants to say, '..yeah, you're doing this all wrong,' just in case they're wrong.
Inkslinger: film stripsteardropflower on September 28th, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)
- I'm taking Intro To Film right now. It is pretty awesome. My professor is really passionate about film which is great! :D He's shown us clips from great films like "Citizen Kane" and "The Graduate."

- Thank you. I hope I can keep that grade for the rest of the semester. *fingers crossed*

- lol That's exactly how the peer review went. XD