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16 October 2010 @ 02:30 pm
It's That Time Of The Year. . .My Time At Spooky Empire!  
I planned on posting this last weekend but then I got sick and I forgot to post it. But anyway, here it is!

We went to Spooky Empire again this year. This was our second year it was a blast! My mom didn't come this year because there wasn't anything she was interested in but there was a ton of stuff for me and my sister to do.

We met Allan Hyde, "Godric" from "True Blood" which was awesome because he was one of my favorite characters! He is really sweet. He signed my True Blood bottle and took a picture with me. :D

I met one of my favorite pin-up artists, Scott Blair and one of his models Erin. They were really nice and signed the print I bought from them. I bought this one:

We were able to talk a little bit about his work and how I was getting into drawing pin-ups as well. I told him that I collect pin-up coffee books and he told me about his book that's coming out around next year, so I'll definitely have to buy that when it's released! I took a picture with them too. hehe

I also bought a $10 reproduction print of Tyler Stout's "Inglourious Basterds" poster. Tyler wasn't there though. They usually have regular vendors who sell high-glossy photos/prints of artists and movie posters. I figured I'd buy it because the originals were only limited to 450 and they're a bazillion dollars on Ebay. lol

I saw John Carpenter (I was surprised when the news broke that they had to rush him to the hospital on Saturday because I saw him on Sunday and he looked fine). I went to the Q&A sessions with Danny Trejo, otherwise known as "Machete" and he has a great, lively personality. I wish I had enough money to get his autograph but hopefully he'll be back next year, perhaps during their "Mayhem" convention. I also went to the Q&A sessions with the cast of "Nightmare On Elm Street" including Robert Englund and that was fantastic! I was in the second row from the stage! :D

I saw my friend Kelly from film class and we talked for a bit with her friend. And I met a new friend named Michelle during one of the writing workshops. We exchanged e-mails to stay in touch. :)

I went in costume this year - on Saturday I went as Sarah Connor and quite a few people recognized me and thought my Terminator skull bag was pretty cool. When we stood in the general admission line waiting for the doors to open, the guy behind me looked at my costume and said to his friends, "Cool! She's a Connor!" But one of his friends didn't hear him, so when he looked at my bag and said, "What the hell is that?" His friend said to him, "Dude, she's a Connor!" lol

I ended up not going in my Irene Adler costume the second day because, to put it simply, I was too tired. lol But next year I plan on entering the costume contest, going as Silk Spectre because I think my Silk Spectre costume is pretty awesome! lol But I'll be able to wear my Irene Adler costume in two weeks for when we go to our traditional Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween party at Magic Kingdom. And I think I might wear it to school the Friday before Halloween since Halloween is the day after. hehe

As for this week, I've been sick with swollen glands and a sore throat. Fun. I also have two bumps on the roof my mouth I have to keep an eye on because I just noticed those a few days before I got sick and if they don't go away in a month, I'm going to have to find some sort of way to get to the dentist/orthodontist to find out what they are. Even more fun.

I'm getting my Christmas ornaments designs ready to paint to sell on Bonanza and hope to make a bit of money for the holidays. I have two $8 articles to finish today for Break Studios and a ton of math homework with Exponents to finish too. Ugh. I think it's funny how I hate math so much but I almost have an "A" in that class. lol Next week I have my second film essay due on Friday and mine will be on the camera movement in "Singin' In The Rain" (1952). I can't wait until we get to the Acting and Art Direction essays because I'm going to have a lot of fun writing those - not that I'm not having a lot of fun already.

I think that's about it for now.